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About Us

We have always stayed true to our mission: to provide the communities of Northern & Southern California with the most innovative and comprehensive healthcare available in a compassionate and caring environment. By partnering with health care facilities, we can provide a wide range of out patient surgical services.

The Aryana Health Care Foundation was established to help individuals in need of outpatient surgical services who unfortunately are financially unable to buy health insurance coverage, or meet the cost of the medical services they need. 

Our Vision

Our Patients: We are dedicated to maintaining a compassionate environment focused on the personal and emotional needs of our patients while providing them with superior health care.

Aryana Foundation Future

Health care reform has had a major impact on our local community, Aryana Foundation is diligently working to understand how the health care reform will impact our patients care and coverage. The Aryana Foundation is striving to formulate a strategy that enables us to continue serving the uninsured and low income under-insured populations.

After the major access provisions of health reform were implemented, It has been estimated that more than 30 million people will remain uninsured.  We will need to understand the populations that remain uninsured in order to design the Aryana Foundation care and coverage program. The program will specifically address the population left without access to health care after reform was implemented.  The Aryana Foundation will continue to fight the complacency about the uninsured and programs that serve them. The bottom line is that the need for the Aryana Foundation care and coverage programs will not only continue but will be critical for our community.

How Aryana Foundation Works

The Aryana Foundation Program is intended for low income residents who are unable to afford to buy insurance. Insured low-income residents who qualify for the program can get medically necessary outpatient surgical services at participating community health centers in Northern & Southern California at no charge or minimal charge.

We welcome all physicians and facilities in our areas of service to participate and join the providers already in our network.

Board Members

Julia Hashemieh
Treasurer & Board Member

1817 Martin Ave. 1st Fl
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Compensation: $0

Javad Zolfaghari
Secretary & Board Member

1817 Martin Ave. 1st Fl
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Compensation: $0

Bobby Sarnevesht 
Board Member

1817 Martin Ave. 1st Fl
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Compensation: $0

Participating Facilities

Forest Surgery Center
2110 Forest Ave., 2nd Fl
San Jose, CA 95128
P 408.297.3432
F 408.298.3338

National Surgery Center
15251 National Ave., STE 207
Los Gatos, CA 95032
P 408.358.1555
F 408.358.1999

National Ambulatory Surgery Center
302 W LaVeta, STE 100
Orange, CA 92866
P 661.472.4177
F 760.262.3917


National Ambulatory Surgery Center
4005 Mission Oaks Blvd., Unit B
Camarillo, CA 93012
P 805.275.0200

SOAR Surgery Center
1849 Bayshore Hwy, 3rd Fl
Burlingame, CA 94010
P 650.539.6000
F 650.539.6001


Los Altos Surgery Center
795 Altos Oaks Drive
Los Altos, CA 94024
P 650.209.5894
F 650.209.5890

Knowles Surgery Center
555 Knowles Dr., STE 115
San Jose, CA 95128
P 408.297.3432
F 408.298.3338