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It seems that the very first criterion in choosing the doctor would be their professionalism and the record of successful cases. However, those who were unfortunate enough to end up in the hands of a doctor who cannot establish the connection with the patient know that communication is the key. The fundament of successful treatment is the trustworthy relations between doctor and patient, and the cornerstone of this includes support, understanding, compassion, and respect.


The primary goal of doctor-patient communication is to lessen patient’s inner anxieties that can impair the rehabilitation while providing with the best cure. The doctor has to be able to interpret the complexity of medical procedures in an easy and comprehensible way. Consequently, the patient has to obtain all information about the state of his/her health. Nevertheless, the ability to talk to a patient is crucial not only for the comforting. Skilled professional knows that meticulously elaborated anamnesis is critical in establishing the diagnosis. Thus, establishing a dialogue is the part of doctor’s essential skills. The doctor has to know how to ask patient correct questions to pull out the information that can be useful in the understanding the patient’s needs. That is why the success in the recovery process is determined by the combination of the technological progress and human communication.


The term of Good Doctor encompasses not only professionalism in the field, deep knowledge, and skills, the good doctor is also someone who knows how to talk to patients. Managers of Aryana Health Care Foundation: Bobby Sarnevesht, Julia Hashemieh, and Javad Zolfagahri understand like no one other that every person necessitates the individual approach. Hence, not only we can guarantee that all the medical procedures will be accomplished with the medical accuracy, we can assure that our doctors will hear all your needs and will address them carefully.