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Accessibility to healthcare is a topic causing hot discussions within all the layers of American society. The problem partly escalated within the last years after the adoption of new changes in the law that substantially altered the system and money distribution inside it. Accessibility to healthcare for the most vulnerable also reveals the philosophical and ethical paradigm of the country, that is why it is pivotal to have a sophisticated approach from both government and a society that would take into account interests of all the groups.


Indigent people face several obstacles that may constrain them from getting proper medical support.  The most difficult to overcome are the lack of money and information. The level of health awareness and the access to the relevant information among poor are inexcusably low.


Being highly dependent on economic conditions, Healthcare system has to address all the needs of the impoverished as it indicates the country’s ethical values. However, we should not forget that people are more powerful than the government, thus, helping others should be our everyday choice. Bobby Sarnevesht, Julia Hashemieh, and Javad Zolfagahri believe that even the smallest donation can make and will make a difference for the most vulnerable.