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Aryana Health Care Foundation comments while smiling: “Healthcare is a specific area. Healthcare and advanced technologies appear to be unique symbiosis, overgrown with lots of myths that we regularly contradict. ”


The first of them sounds something like this – “such New technologies, modern developments in medicine are so expensive that it is not available to ordinary people, only the richest living on the planet can afford such luxury.” The statement does not have a basis, because updates occur regularly. Annually, numerous know-how are introduced, methods, formats and approaches are improved. The personnel of the hospital is trained, improving their qualifications and services.


The second common myth – the use of new technological advances is unsafe. As you know, in order to “release” the development, for example, a medical tool or a new drug, there antedates a multilevel long-term testing. And only after confirming the efficiency and safety for patients, the novelty receives a “green light” for use.


The third myth states – ancient methods worked better, our ancestors knew more than we do now. It is not surprising; this delusion is often found among wealthy and educated people. However, fortunately, it happens very rarely.


The spread of such myths is fraught with the fact that many people who need help refuse to resort to.


Julia HashemiehBobby SarneveshtJavad Zolfagahri have a strong belief that advanced technologies are called upon to help and improve people’s quality of life.