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When the financial resources of a patient are low, hospitals and special healthcare organizations offer free help as a part of their charity program. The goal of the charity projects is to increase the accessibility of medical care to those who live near or below the poverty line, and provide treatment in a timely manner.


Crowdfunding is also one of the principal aims of charity organizations. They run fundraising platforms (both online and offline), negotiate with donors, and, if such an approach is needed, unite efforts with other charity organizations in order to maximize funding. Charity foundations also train doctors and medical staff on how to work with disadvantaged people, how to recognize their needs, and how to satisfy those needs. Finally, charity foundations provide humanitarian aid. Not only do they raise money to purchase costly medical equipment that can save hundreds of lives, but they also organize roundtables and gatherings where healthcare workers discuss their experiences and how to improve the wellbeing of their patients.


Charity organizations are becoming increasingly important in helping disadvantaged groups gain access to the healthcare they need. This contribution is significant and should be supported by both the population and the government. Aryana Health Care Foundation leaders Julia Hashemieh, Bobby Sarnevesht, and Javad Zolfagahri, believe that all people, regardless of income, should receive proper medical care. We strive to deliver the needed help for you and your loved ones. Aryana Health Care Foundation works to make healthcare affordable and accessible when times are difficult.