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Santa Clara, CA (May 26, 2017) – Aryana Health Care Foundation (AHCF), has partnered with BAASC to support ongoing efforts to provide health care to indigent populations within Northern California.


BAASC provides an online medical retail solution for clinics, groups and hospitals. This new partnership allows supporters of AHCF easy access to high quality and affordable health care products. BAASC will donate 10% of the profit of each sale toward the ongoing efforts of AHCF to provide free or low cost medical care.


The initial product offering focuses on benefiting patients undergoing orthopedic total joint procedures and podiatry patients. These patients, that would typically search for products online or in stores, will now be offered products through the AHCF online store. The product catalog will continue to grow to include pain management, plastic surgery, spine and gynecology patients in the near future.


“We are very excited to be able to partner with such a great foundation as Aryana Health. Not only do we believe in their mission, but this is also a great example of how partnering can make a huge impact in our community,” said BAASC founder Barbara Roth.


Individuals can help support this effort to provide medical care to those around us by purchasing medical products from AHCF.EasyDME.com or donating directly at AryanaHealthCareFoundation.org.


About Aryana Health Care Foundation:

AHCF’s mission is to provide free or low cost medical care to the indigent population within Northern California with the most advanced, innovative and comprehensive health care available in a compassionate and caring environment.


About BAASC:

BAASC is a consulting and management company providing online medical retail solution that focuses on increasing patient satisfaction in ASC’s , clinics, medical groups and hospitals.