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The illness challenges not only the patient but also the close ones who often feel helpless and lost. Unfortunately, following growing anxiety may interfere with the rehabilitation process and impair the positive outcome of the medical treatment. That is why it is crucial for the hospital team to be able to guarantee patient and the relatives with the facilitative environment not only for the medical treatment but for the relevant psychological support. Our team of highly skilled nurses of Aryana Health Care Foundation (AHCF) devoted their lives to provide the most efficient and professional health care on the market.


AHCF nursing staff covers not only doctor-to-doctor and doctor-to-patient communication, but it also grants patient ’s families with the support to understand the nature of the disease in order to eliminate the isolation and the fear of the unknown. Once the diagnosis is clear and the treatment plan is developed, our team will do their best to accompany you on the way to the complete recovery providing you with all the conditions needed to follow doctor’s prescriptions accurately. The AHCF nursing specialists will teach family and a patient how to cope with the illness to make the rehabilitation process easier. Our nurses aim to establish the deep connection and create the atmosphere of trust with each patient individually. The ability to address the particular needs of every person is the cornerstone of our work and our main market advantage.


The healthcare specialists of AHCF are one of the best professionals in the industry. Our trained and highly skilled team of nurses knows the patient recovery process inside out. Aryana Health Foundation, established by Julia Hashemieh, Bobby Sarnevesht, Javad Zolfagahri, is committed to the quality service that ensures the quality of patient’s life.