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People should help each other, should be kind and appreciating, do you share the point?

These are the very concepts our multifaceted and dynamic world reposes on, and owing to the presence of these man traits, we can confidently watch to the future.

Based on the principles like, many years ago Julia HashemiehBobby SarneveshtJavad Zolfagahri, decided to create an organization whose main purpose, subsequently, would be to help people in California who arehard up. So Aryana Health Care Foundation was established.

Being in the system of global economic changes and political transformations, more often people feel loneliness, emotional, spiritual and physical one. It is difficult to imagine what a person feels like, left alone with his problem similar to illness or a financial collapse.

Moreover, it is extremely important to understand and know in that kind of minute that you are not alone and there are people who are ready to help you free of charge and sincerely. Not only by word, but also by deed.

There exists an unscientific assumption that the belief of a person in kind things and amiability helps him feeling much better and getting earliest recovery. Aryana Health Care Foundation is convinced that confidence and security help people recover and reassume themselves, no less than medical treatment. And, no words of gratitude can convey the emotions and depth in their eyes of people who were helped, who once again felt all the beauty and power of life!